(Printing version here: ANNEX IV_JOURNEY)

The best alternative to arrive to Gallocanta is with your own car – Gallocanta is 110 km. from Zaragoza, 244 km. from Madrid and 420km. from Barcelona – However, if you do not have a car at your disposal to come on your own to Gallocanta, you will have to commute by train from your airport of arrival to the town of Calatayud, where transport to the different accommodations (Gallocanta, Berrueco or Tornos) will be provided at diverse hours through the day.

The best option to arrive to Calatayud by train is on the high-speed train (AVE). Bellow you can find the timetables from Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona to Calatayud.

On 10 November, transfers from Calatayud train station will be made available to the participants with the following timetable: 12:45 h., 16:30 h., 18:30 h. and 20:30 h. Remember to indicate your time of arrival in Calatayud in ANNEX II_REGISTRATION.

Departures Madrid-Puerta de Atocha Arrivals Calatayud
06:30 07:25
11:30 12:25
14:30 15:25
15:30 16:25
19:05 20:06
21:30 22:34
Departures Barcelona-Sants Arrivals Calatayud
08:00 10:07
14:00 16:07
16: 00 18:07
18:00 20:07
Departures Zaragoza-Delicias Arrivals Calatayud
09:43 10:07
15:43 16:07
17:43 18:07
19:43 20:07



For the return after the conference, on 14 November, transfers to Calatayud train station will be made available to the participants; bellow you can find the timetables for the train departures.

  •  Departures from Calatayud to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha
Departures Calatayud Arrivals Madrid-Puerta de Atocha
10:08 11:10
16:08 17:10
18:08 19:10
20:08 21:10
  •  Departures from Calatayud to Zaragoza-Delicias y Barcelona-Sants
Departures Calatayud Arrivals Zaragoza Arrivals Barcelona
12:26 12:51 14:40
16:26 16:51 18:40

Remember to state clearly how you will arrive to and return after the conference in Annex II: Registration Form, so we can arrange your transport in the best possible way.

If you need more information about the location of the train station, you can find it in this google maps link:,-1.573792&spn=0.596441,1.352692


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