All participants must register at the conference office on arrival at the conference headquarters (Tourism and Conferences Centre, Gallocanta) the 10th of November.

We regret to inform that we will not be able to accept cards or checks, the registration fee payment will have to be made in CASH. Also be informed that there are no ATMs in any of the villages surrounding the lake.

Any companion not registered wishing to participate in meals and excursions will be able to do so; they will have to register on the check-in day and pay, also in CASH, the following fees:

  • Each lunch 12 euros.
  • Each excursion 15 euros.

Conference fee includes:

  • Registration and materials
  • Attending all the lectures at the congress
  • Programmed excursions (transport included)
  • Transfers between your lodgings and the conference centre (Tornos-Berrueco-Gallocanta//Gallocanta-Berrueco-Tornos)
  • Coffee breaks and lunches
Proceso de inscripción y registro de congresistas en Alemania (2010)

Registration of participants for the 7th Conference in Germany (2010)



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