The oral presentations and posters presented at the conference must follow one of the following topics:

1.-Species biology

The latest studios and scientific progress on genetics, reproduction, parasitism or nutrition which are fundamental, not only for the conservation of the crane, but also to know the new lines of work that can be initiated.


Crane affected by poxvirus (Photo: Alberto Carreño)

2.- Cranes behaviour and migration monitoring

Data on migration behaviour in the Euro-Asiatic region, as well as monitoring methods, data exchange networks and information processing.


Maps of breeding and wintering areas of the common crane.

3.- Population dynamics

The latest censuses from the different countries where cranes reproduce and spend the winter, which will allow us to have the closest possible idea about the number of both reproductive and non-reproductive couples, as well as chicks, together with the procreative effectiveness of the species.

4.- Troubles in agriculture

Problems caused by cranes in the farming of the different regions and the solutions adopted. Recompilation of new measures, either preventive or compensatory.

grulla carlos

Photo: Carlos Pérez Naval

5.- Traditions around the cranes

Exposition of subjects related to cultural anthropology, music, traditions, art, culture, etc. of the different peoples where the crane has left its mark. Data of the socio-economic repercussion of the species in the places where it breeds and in those on its migration route.


Cranes are also present in traditions, art, culture, etc. in many places, making enviromental education very important (Rusia 2012 Photo: AAG)


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